Benefits of using Bamboo versus Other Wood Materials

The use of bamboo for various décor projects in place of other types of wood has become extremely popular. This is because bamboo products possess remarkable qualities, in comparison to other varying types of wood. Additionally, utilizing bamboo accents create a pleasant, relaxing and tropical feel to one’s home. People are using bamboo fencing, bamboo poles, bamboo thatch, bamboo rugs, bamboo flooring, and much more to turn their homes into tropical paradise. The appeal that bamboo has over other varying woods is its unique aesthetic, affordability, functionality and strong quality.

What is Bamboo?

Bamboo is technically a group of woody perennial evergreen plants. Simply put bamboo is a tree-like grass. It is considered extremely renewable because it is the fastest growing woody plant in the world. Bamboo can betreated and can also form a very hard, lightweight, but durable wood. This durable wood works effectively for construction, architecture, decoration, furniture, and more.

Environmental Benefits of Bamboo Products

Bamboo has a number of environmental benefits. It has been and will continue to be considered the “green” building and decorating material. The extremely rapid growth, sustainability, and natural regeneration properties of bamboo are what primarily responsible for bamboo being considered the “green” material.

There are thousands of species of bamboo that grow around the world, including some species right here in the United States. Bamboo grows very rapidly, making it extremely renewable. Unlike traditional types of wood, bamboo can grow from cut stems and shoots have been observed to grow over 3ft in one day. Since bamboo regenerates so quickly, cutting it won’t affect its growing power. Unlike other types of woods, bamboo can easily and speedily be re-grown in a reasonably short period of time.

Strength of Bamboo

Contrary to popular belief, bamboo is very durable and resilient. In fact, although bamboo is flexible and lightweight, it has received hardness, or strength, ratings higher than many hardwoods. Also, bamboo has been likened to maple wood, which has been observed as one of the hardest woods available. Additionally, bamboo is also a naturally water resistant material and part of the manufacturing process of bamboo includes lamination which increases its resistance to warping.

Versatility of Bamboo

Bamboo is tremendously versatile. It can be used for construction, architecture, decoration, food, musical instruments, medicine, furniture, fishing rods, and much, much more. In the United States, bamboo is typically used for decorative purposes for home and garden. Bamboo’s durability also allows it to be used for flooring, fencing, wall coverings and area rugs in high traffic or weathering areas.. With such numerous uses for bamboo, it’s not wonder why bamboo products offer such versatility for one’s home or landscaping needs. For example, because of its water resiliency, bamboo can be used in places where typical woods cannot such as bathrooms, outdoor patios, and kitchens.

Another convenience factor is, unlike many other hardwood products, bamboo flooring needs no finish work and is factory pre-finished with a laminate varnish. Bamboo fencing or applying bamboo poles to a pre-existing fence is an affordable and eye pleasing way to really spruce up any area..

Regardless of the decorating project at hand or how you choose to incorporate bamboo elements, the use of bamboo will turn your home or yard into an island getaway right at home, that will provide you and your friends comfort, entertainment, relaxation, and unique beauty for years.


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