Cool Landscaping Design Tips and Ideas

Creating a tropical landscape is a rewarding and creative task, but finding and purchasing your ideal landscaping products and tropical décor is only half the battle of creating the ultimate tropical paradise in your home and yard. The other half is the actual work involved in landscaping. There are so many different landscaping ideas and methods you can use with colorful plants, bamboo fencing, a tiki bar, umbrella thatches, tiki statues, and all other bamboo and tropical-themed products. Keep reading to learn more about some cool landscaping tips and ideas for your home and yard that will help you in your planning.

Benefits of Landscaping

In addition to being beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, landscaping your home and yard adds enjoyment and value to your home. Landscaping has proven to be one of the top ways to add monetary value to one’s home. Additionally, depending on the particular landscaping project and the amount of continued maintenance and upkeep, landscaping can even appreciate over time.

Landscaping Tips and Ideas

Plan before you Buy. This may sound tricky, but it’s an important step when landscaping. Simply sketch your ideal landscape design on paper before you start buying, planting, and building your new yard. This will enable you to make smart purchases by knowing exactly what materials you need and where you’re going to put them. Planning your landscaping project can save you time, money, and unnecessary frustration.

Build Boundaries. Walls and fences are generally a necessity for every home and yard. But, you don’t want boring old fencing or concrete cinderblocks as your barriers. Instead, you can create a beautiful landscape and tropical paradise through the use of bamboo poles and bamboo fencing. Additionally, you can use various plants, shrubs, and trees for barriers.

Add Waterworks. Not only does a beautiful water feature add a pleasant ambiance with the sound of trickling water, but water features are also extremely pleasing to the eye, can add value to your home, and are elegant. You can add a beautiful waterfall, fountain feature, or small pond to your tropical décor. If you opt for a pond, you can even buy colorful fish to enhance your water feature. Just be sure to maintain whichever water feature you add to your landscape.

Color is your Friend.

Adding color to your landscape will do wonders. And, it’s surprisingly very inexpensive. In fact, for as little as $1.00 a plant, you can blanket your yard with petunias, daisies, and other small annuals that will flower throughout the growing season. Color is a highly defining characteristic in tropical landscapes. Attractive colors will surely enhance the tropical theme in your home and yard.

Foliage is Fun. Interesting, eye-catching, and distinctive foliage can add variety and appeal to your yard. You can replace plants that don’t flower, replace flowers that are difficult to maintain, or simply add foliage to your current landscape. Examples of fun foliage include:

Flowering Crabapple Trees

Cutleaf Japanese Maples

Keep your Grass Nourished. Healthy, green, lush grass is always an easy and popular idea for any landscape. To reach optimum nourishment, you can implement regular fertilizer treatments and maintain a watering schedule. You can also keep that unwanted crab grass and those nagging weeds out of your lawn by adding a weed killer to your fertilizer treatment.

Bamboo and Tikis Tropical Décor

At Bamboo and Tikis, we have an extensive selection of top-quality landscaping products and tropical décor. Whether you are looking for bamboo fencing to create an aesthetically pleasing wall around your yard, a unique tiki bar for fun and entertainment, or other tropical landscaping products, Bamboo and Tikis has the products for you. So, get started on adding value and beauty to your yard by turning it into the ultimate tropical paradise. Browse our web site or come on in to our grand showroom in San Diego which offers 65,000 square feet of bamboo and tropical products galore.


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